Cadillac Rainbows Shop – Phanart Virtual Show

Cadillac Rainbows Shop - Jenny

Meet Jenny. Artiste extraordinaire. Not everyone calls the Tweezer opener at their first Phish show… But she did. By the time a rollicking Wolfman’s Brother had given away to Bouncing Around the Room, Jenny turned to her favorite Meatstick and exclaimed, “I get it.” Many years, states, and Tweezers later, Jenny became inspired to give back to this loving community. She started a blaze from one tiny spark of inspiration…it all began with a few donuts, but Jenny’s beaded designs have now come to outlive even the brightest of brains. Earrings inspired by the very songs and images that flash between us and our minds like dancing bears parading through the streets at night. Jenny has truly found her phamily, and feels joy sharing her art with fellow fans. What would you say if it was naturally for you? How would you like some thick strawberry goo?



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