Ink and Brandy – Phanart Virtual Show

Ink and Brandy

Hey phans! I’m Brandy of Ink and Brandy, and I’m an illustrator of fine fine Phish tunes. I’ve been drawing songs to support my tour addiction since 2017. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve immensely enjoyed my summers of hustling lot, campgrounds, and PhanArt shows. I’ve especially loved having an excuse to barge into any and every camp, showing off art inspired by our favorite band and meeting tons of you crazy people! My bread’n’butta are my digital prints, which are of illustrations I usually do in ink and watercolor, inspired by the lyrics of some of my favorite songs. I also occasionally do limited edition hand-pulled screenprints to celebrate particular shows. In my shop you will also find a t-shirt or two, some sick temporary tattoos (the best on lot!) and a funky collection of stickers. I LOVE STICKERS. Thank you, all you beautiful souls who make them!


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