Paints Quite A Lot – Phanart Virtual Show

Paints Quite A Lot

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I live in beautiful Colorado, where I often get my inspiration for my paintings. I’ve been creating art my entire life, and even picked up a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts back in the day. Since then, I’ve been teaching art lessons and painting in my home studio. I start my process by falling in love with a lyric from a Phish song, and then envision the “place” where that lyric belongs. I usually obsess over that song, sometimes listening to various live versions over and over again. Then, I do my best to paint that “place,” using acrylic paint on canvas. When I’m finished (which often times takes months,) I use a local photographer to take digital images, which I pass along to a family-run US based printer. They use high quality archival paper and ink that lasts a lifetime, so I feel good about the whole process from beginning to end. I have been seeing Phish since 1996 (Alpine)–I can’t wait to get out there and boogie with you all again. Thanks for checking out my work!


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