Kator to the Dead – Phanart Virtual Show

Kator to the dead

My name is Ben Kator. I am an artist currently living and working in Philadelphia. I was born in New York City and spent many years studying and living there until I relocated to Philadelphia. I enjoy working in a variety of media, but I primarily like to draw and paint. I generally use ink, watercolor and acrylic paint, and mostly work on paper. I am interested in portraiture, but I also enjoy illustration, comics, Japanese printmaking, modernist painting and various other art forms which all influence my style. Many of my images are mixtures of human and animal characteristics. The evolutionary relationship between animals and humans is something I often explore in my drawings and characters. I rarely have a clear idea in my head when I begin to draw and often create extemporaneously allowing pictures to develop organically. I am a big fan of music, movies and other icons of popular culture and enjoy doing portraits of people and characters from those arenas. My portraiture is more structured, but my technique, particularly with ink still allows for my style to translate into the final product. Having a desire to draw and paint is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life and it gives me great pleasure to share the art with others. My work is for sale and I am incredibly happy when someone chooses to put my art into their home and their daily life. I believe deeply in the enriching and healing qualities of art. I have tremendous gratitude that I have been able to make and share my work with people, and have my life touched by their experience with what I create.


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