Beautiful Buzz Wax Wraps – Phanart Virtual Show

Beautiful Buzz Wax Wraps

Hello! I’m Emily! Phish is my first love. I am a graphic designer based out of Denver. I’ve been making reusable beeswax wraps since March of this year. Been a phan since I hopped on Island Tour ’98. I’ve been creating since I was a wee lass. Excited to be able to participate in this show! Reusable beeswax wraps are a sustainable, eco-friendly way to store your food. They help replace and eliminate saran wrap and plastic waste in the kitchen. Made of 100% cotton, organic beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine rosin, they keep food fresher and longer in the fridge. Wash with cold water and dish soap, hang dry and reuse! They have about a 6-month life cycle, depending on frequency of use. When done, you can use them as a fire starter; making it a fully closed loop product, with minimal impact on the environment!



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