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My name is Michael Matlick, and for the last 20yrs or so, friends call me Mitty. I’ve always been a big fan of art and collecting concert posters and one day I woke up and decided why not create my own, so I went out and bought a bunch of painting supplies. Easier said than done! For years I could never figure out what to paint and when I sat down to try, before I could think of anything, I found myself cleaning up after my kids painted! If I managed to paint anything it was usually something my kids were into at the time such as Mickey Mouse or a Ninja Turtle. That all changed one day when I was sifting through some photographs and saw one of my buddy Nevin that sparked an idea. What if I painted him? I’d say that was the moment the light bulb went off in my head, but that would be a gross understatement. It was more like the burst of light that would follow a big bang as an entire new universe was birthed. Like the sound of sweet guitars on a night of 1000 stars! I finally knew exactly what to paint and I haven’t looked back since, and what started out as painting my friends & family for fun has blossomed into the universe of MittyArt and everything you’ll see at this website. When I’m not painting or parenting, you’ll often find me enjoying live music and it was natural that I’d start painting the musicians I love. I started experimenting and changing up the mediums, and before too long I found myself repeating a few of the different styles and techniques I developed which have become the various flavors of my work. Along with people and musicians, I’ve found a passion for painting animals and pretty much anything else I find interesting, or just combining it all into one big mash up! The response has been overwhelming and I’m grateful that people are digging my art! Besides producing prints of my originals I’ve started putting some of my paintings on other stuff people like to collect such as stickers, magnets, pins, t-shirts and whatever else I think it would look cool on. Pretty much everything on my site, whether a print or pin comes from one of my original hand paintings. If that ever changes I’ll specify accordingly.


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